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"Defining Gases and Liquids""Properties of Gases""Behavior of Gases""Properties of Liquids""Behavior of Liquids" Gases and liquids are two of the three main states of matter, along...

Structure of Atom & Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties

"The History of Atomic Theory""The Structure of the Atom""Classification of Elements""Periodic Table of Elements""Periodicity in Properties" "The History of Atomic Theory"The concept of the atom...

S-Block Elements

"Introduction to the s-Block Elements""Properties of the s-Block Elements""Chemical Reactions of the s-Block Elements""Applications of the s-Block Elements""Advanced Topics in s-Block Elements" "Introduction to the...

Redox Reactions

"Introduction to Redox Reactions""Electron Transfer and Oxidation-Reduction Reactions""Balancing Redox Reactions""Applications of Redox Reactions in Industry and Medicine""Advanced Topics in Redox Reactions" Heading 1: "Introduction to...

P-Block Elements

"Introduction to p-Block Elements""Properties of p-Block Elements""Chemical Reactions of p-Block Elements""Uses and Applications of p-Block Elements""Environmental and Health Effects of p-Block Elements" Introduction to p-Block...

Organic Chemistry Basic Principles & Techniques

"Introduction to Organic Molecules and Functional Groups""Nomenclature and Structural Representations of Organic Compounds""Reactions of Alkanes and Alkyl Groups""Reactions of Alkenes and Alkynes""Stereochemistry and Conformational...

General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

"Introduction to the Isolation of Elements""Classification of Elements Based on Mode of Occurrence""Isolation of Elements from Ores""Isolation of Elements from Minerals""Isolation of Elements from...


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